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Let QFX file Link to Existing Account

When opening a QFX file, instead of restricting options to "ADD" (new account), make it possible to "Link to existing account", after entering the name of the account in the box. I realize this could cause some issues if used improperly, but in the situation of trying to enter a previous year's worth of transactions for a new Quicken user, it would help.

There are workarounds (see https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7851898/how-to-download-a-qfx-and-link-or-import-to-a-quicken-connect-account#latest ) but this would make it easier.
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  • DtinenDtinen Member ✭✭
    Update: This is actually a minor bug report...

    In Version 5.14.3 (Build 514.31897.100) for Mac, running on Mojave, importing a QFX from my bank actually works, although it doesn't seem to at first.

    I had downloaded a file from my bank containing a date range of transactions that didn't download in the normal Update Online Account process for an unknown reason, and then pressed File>Import>Bank or Brokerage file.

    The Import popup window still asked me if I wanted to Add a new checking account, and the "Link to existing account" alternative was still greyed out. So, I clicked on CANCEL. Voila, it still imported the transactions into the account. That's good, but I only noticed it had done so after I started to manually enter the missing transactions.

    Why my particular bank tends to "skip" transactions during the regular Quicken update is still a mystery to them, they passed the buck back to Quicken.
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