Toolbar Bug when Subscription Expiration Warning Message displays

drew2udrew2u Member ✭✭
TLDR: When the Subscription Expiration Warning displays, it forces the toolbar to display even when the user has chosen to hide the toobar, and doesn't toggle the checkmark in the View Menu


I have Quicken Deluxe for Windows, subscription version, with the latest version installed, running on Windows 10 Pro.

I have the toolbar disabled with Standard Menus enabled, and in the normal course of using Quicken when I visit the View menu I will see no check mark next to SHOW TOOLBAR, as that reflects the current state: I don't have the toolbar visible, and the menu reflects that.

However, when the subscription expiration warning message is displayed (you're about to expire), it forces the toolbar to ALSO display even though I had selected to hide the toolbar, but the View menu is NOT updated to reflect the new toolbar visibility state and still shows NO CHECKMARK next to SHOW TOOLBAR.

When you click DISMISS on the subscription warning message, the toolbar remains visible and the View menu again still shows no checkmark next to SHOW TOOLBAR.

To now hide the toolbar, you have to click VIEW > SHOW TOOLBAR twice: once to select it and set the checkmark (to mark the visible toolbar as "visible") and again to clear the checkmark (to hide the toolbar) to return to the user's desired state before the expiration warning message was displayed.

Wonder if anyone else has seen it? Definitely low priority but wanted to share it...
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