Cannot create linked cash accounts because of unaccepted transactions.

I have been using quicken for many years. I am not interested in it tracking my investments. I do that through my financial firm. However, i use Cash Management accounts which have checking built into them. So i have checking and bill pay built into brokerage accounts. The problem is that i have accumulated hundreds of unaccepted transactions on the investment side which must be resolved before i can add another linked cash account to a brokerage account. When i try to accept these transactions it never works. It would literally take me days to go through them all and fix them. I do not need them. I would have to delete them one by one. Again this would take forever. I would just start over, but i do not want to lose all the transaction history of the linked cash accounts . Is there an easier way to resolve this problem?


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    You can only have a SINGLE "Linked Checking Account" associated with any one brokerage account.  So, that's not the issue.
    WHY are those downloaded transactions wrong? What's wrong with them?
    And, what Q product, and BUILD of that product, are you running?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.
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