Retain Window Sizing Settings and Improve Cursor Focus [edited]

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when resizing a window keep that setting and retainsetting on reopening program, and be able to resize windows to my preference not the predetermined size
When entering passwords in the update transactions windows have pointer jump down to update now instead of having to move pointer with mouse
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  • FF Austin
    FF Austin Member ✭✭
    Amen! I have to resize the window every time I open Quicken :-( Using Windows 10 with two monitors. Your display comes up small on the smaller monitor. I drag it to the larger monitor. When I try to use full screen mode, it displays poorly across both monitors, so I resize it instead, every time. Ugh! Your software is the only one I use that does this, so I do not think it is an issue from my side.
  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    For what it is worth, this is what is going on (see my reply to the thread):

    Also note that you should click on the Vote button above, that includes you @Rondog to let them know that you want this changed.
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  • QWMax
    QWMax Windows Beta Beta
    With recent updates, Quicken again opens the Account List and Manage Bills & Reminders in full screen. Changing the size of the window before closing does not save the window size as most windows apps do.

    Can this please be fixed to behave as it should in windows
  • Don Adams
    Don Adams Member
    I typically run Quicken maximized so that it takes up the full screen. When I reconcile my account, I have the Quicken window on the right side of the screen and my statement on the left. Each time I reconcile I have to resize the Quicken window so that it takes up just the right half of the screen. After reconciling, I then restore the window to the maximized size again.

    It would be great if Quicken would remember the last minimized setting I had when I reopen the application. This should be a separate saved value from the last window position and size that is saved when closing the application. So, when I start the application, it remembers my last window setting, which is typically maximized. When I press the Restore button, it should resize itself to the last minimized position and size that I used. This will allow me to open Quicken maximized as I typically do and then when it comes time to reconcile, I can press the Restore button and it should resize to my last minimized setting.