Deposits/check# column

A column like the one in Quicken 2007 which has deposit, check number, ATM, bank withdrawals and electronic/ACH withdrawals listed.
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Click on your checking account in the left sidebar. In the transactions register, if you don't see the Check# or Action columns, click on the Columns icon in the bottom menu bar and click on one or both of these field names, and the columns will appear.

    In Quicken 2007, you could mix check numbers and text labels in the "Number" column. In modern Quicken Mac, the "Check #" field is used only for check numbers, and any other labels you might want to use go in the Action column. Those labels -- like DEP, ATM, EFT or whatever -- have no meaning to Quicken in terms of functionality; they're completely optional if you want to enter some text to help you understand your transactions. (Since switching from Quicken 2007, I don't even both to display the Action column, and I no longer enter these actions.)
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  • rowillis
    rowillis Member
    Thank you, jacobs, for the information. Being able to say if it was a type of deposit or type of Withdrawal in that "Numbers" column was nice because it automatically put you in the proper column when it came time to enter the amount. Plus,i do like knowing in my reports how the money came and went.
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