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What's Happening in the Quicken Community - January '20 Edition

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Hi Everyone!

We hope everyone had a great month!  This month we wanted to focus more on the role of the Community and how it can be an excellent resource for Quicken Users to ask other Quicken Users questions, discuss best practices, tips and tricks for using Quicken.

The Community also provides an outlet to share product issues and bugs, any known workarounds as well as follow posts to receive updates on current and known product issues, troubleshooting steps, and resolution notices.

It is important to note that the Community is comprised mainly of other Quicken Users with a few Quicken Employed Moderators who offer assistance when and where they can.

To receive official support, assistance with questions, concerns, and troubleshooting steps we encourage Users to contact Quicken Support directly.  Support is available via phone (Mon-Fri 5-5 PST) or live chat (24/7).


Posting in the Community

When posting in the Community it is important to share which version and release of Quicken you are using.  Not all features/functionalities are available in all products and/or release versions so to ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information, be sure to share which software version you have.

If you aren't sure where to find this information, please visit here for more information.

If experiencing an error/issue while attempt to add or update accounts, we encourage you to share the exact error message/code being received, the type of account(s) receiving the error, which connection method is used (if known) and the name of the Financial Institution when creating your post. 

The more information provided about what is happening or what you are experiencing in Quicken will help the community to clearly understand the issue and provide the most accurate information and assistance.

Featured Ideas & Requests

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Key Releases & Highlights for Quicken for Mac


  • New: QuickFill will improve auto-categorization of downloaded and manually entered transactions. Changing a category will automatically create a QuickFill rule that will be applied the next time that payee is entered. Click the checkbox above the category to control whether a rule is automatically created.
  • New: 5.14 will no longer automatically save the transaction's tags, memo, or amounts because these tend to be specific to a particular transaction. However, if you want a tag, memo, or amount to always be associated with a payee you can add this to the QuickFill rule using Payees & Rules under the Window menu.
  • New: Sometimes a Renaming Rule isn’t effective and you would rather get the payee statement name that comes straight from the bank or credit card company instead of a truncated name that may not mean much to you. You can now create a Do Not Rename payee rule.


  • Fixed: Fixed a stability issue that could cause Quicken to stop working when viewing or changing the Row setting of a transaction report.
  • Fixed: Fixed a stability issue when downloading transactions.
  • Fixed: Fixed a stability issue when importing a Quicken Windows file.
  • Fixed: An issue that would create a 0 amount split line in some transactions with payees associated with 0 amount, single split line, QuickFill rules. This resulted in 0 amount transactions in transaction reports.
  • Fixed: Decreased the minimum window size for more flexibility.
  • Fixed: An issue where transaction auto-matching didn't work on transfer transactions created from a QuickFill.
  • Fixed: A crash that could occur when searching QuickFill rules.
  • Fixed: A crash that impacted a handful of customers on file upgrade.

Key Releases & Highlights for Quicken for Windows

QWIN 2020 R24.11

  • New: A new Setup Panel now provides guided setup for new customers. (see View > Show Quicken Setup).
  • New: Added a new help video about the Mobile & Web companion apps. Click the 'Mobile & Web' tab then click the video icon.
  • Improved: Added the ability to see the percentage difference in budget reports for both current and past budgets.
  • Fixed: An issue in which Validate & Repair was not properly resolving unaccepted transactions, which prevented the deactivation of accounts with that issue.

QWIN Canada 2020 R22.23

  • Improvement: Improved tracking of errors to make it easier to respond to customer issues.
  • Fixed: An issue with tracking institutions when logging in or performing a One Step Update.
  • Fixed: An issue in which QCS resources continued to try to access deleted IDs.

Key Releases & Highlights from the Quicken Mobile App 5.18.0 Release

  • New: You can now see the running balance against each transaction when transactions are sorted in date order.  This feature can be turned off if you prefer.
  • Fixed: An issue in which the current month’s budget was shown incorrectly.
  • Fixed: An issue in which splits were deleted when you marked a transaction as not reviewed.

Community Stats for the Month of January ‘20

2,709 New Discussions with 10,616 comments posted by 3,324 Contributors
1,944 New Questions with 1,915 answers posted and 1,548 Accepted Answers

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