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After updating quicken did not find previous data.

I have full system backup and would like to restore all quicken files/directories from before update clobbered it. I also have Quicken backup files saved from yesterday in two places but these backups are apparently useless. (!!!!!) My choice is to start fm scratch since I can't retrieve data. This is not acceptable. Everything was working fine before the update now all data and all accounts I have connections to are lost. I hesitate to begin anew if there is any chance to recover the information that should be on my system or in the system or quicken backups.


  • jondrjondr Member
    Never mind. After continual fumbling with various options I double-clicked on latest Quicken backup and Quicken Version 5.14.2 (Build 514.31850.100) picked up on that and restored a quicken data file where I expected to find it. Very odd, I can't find the similar file in my system backups on Time Machine. I'm also running Sophos for security protection...
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