Freedom Credit Union - PA hangs on downloads or cc-502 within 24 hours of reset

I have been having a recurrent issue over the last 1.5 weeks regarding onestep updates and Quicken Subscription for Windows.

I am using the option for Freedom Credit Union Express Web Connect and the Freedom Credit Union PA- New option, as per the most recent instructions from this financial institution regarding connection with Quicken. Frequently, the connection just "hangs," even if animation is turned off. I've been on the phone with Quicken Support, have had to deactivate my connection to the Credit Union, reactivate it, with functionality lasting only 24 hours until either cc-502 errors occur or recurrent "hanging"

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm working on the latest version of Quicken. Each time I reconnect the service, I am stuck with manually deleting over one hundred transactions, only to have a recurrence of this frustration within a day or two.

Any help would be appreciated!



  • Jordbarnet
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    Today, once again, I had to deactivate downloads for Freedom Credit Union and re-add all my accounts with this bank. While everything worked yesterday, today "CC-502" Any ideas why this would work for 12-16 hours, then hang on one step-update, yet work immediately upon re-adding the accounts for another 12-16 hours? This is a repeated issue and only with this bank. Help!
  • Jordbarnet
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    So...I have a "sorta" answer for this event and for those who use Parallels on a Mac.

    I did a system snapshot restore of the operating system. Subsequently, everything seems to be working.

    For some reason, items weren't being saved properly in Windows 10.

    GO figure.

    Hopefully this helps others who encounter a similar problem
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