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Unless this has changed recently, it seems that when creating a report for Investment Performance, the withdrawal of 'management fees' from financial advisor service does not accurately portray the fact that the client paid that and did not receive it - it appears as if it was a withdrawal of funds (Xout) and makes the investment performance appear better than actually is. In order to 'fix' that you have to show the fees as "margin interest" so that it will not just show as an outflow to client in performance. That works OK but maybe there could be another "action" option in investment register to show management fee paid.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Try recording the fee as a MiscExp and specify a security in the transaction
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  • mrs121
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    MiscExp does not work right if not specifying a security. I tried with a security entered now from your suggestion and that seems to be OK - BUT the management fee is for a brokerage account of multiple securities --adding any security gives an inaccurate picture for the security performance.
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    This is already implemented with the "Affects investment performance" option for Categories.

    The Help for this feature is very unclear however. 
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    This is the related idea
    dealing with the labeling and completeness.