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Give me the ability to revert the Bills view to be like QW 2017 (like the curr. Inc/Transfers view)

I know this isn't a "new" idea but I'm having some trouble navigating the quicken community to find the threads I need to add on to. I really hate the "pretty," expanded, everything-has-to-be-bigger view of my due Bills, since I upgraded from QW desktop 2017 to quicken 2020.

Can we PLEASE have the option to revert to the more compact, textual simple listing of upcoming bills/income/transfers? PLEASE?
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  • RoldanjrRoldanjr Member ✭✭
    I second this request! How does a bigger icon helps with the overall efficiency of the software?
    The same goes with the idea of separating Bills from "tranfers/Income. Now I need to click back and forth between two screen to do the same actions I was able to do on only one screen on 2017.

    Any changes that does not add to the overall eficiency of the tool should not be implemented, and if you must do it, give an option to go back
  • JoeZeganJoeZegan Member
    Have there been any developments with this? I have the same request - just updated my Quicken Premier 2017 to the subscription model and now my Bills tab is a joke. WT?
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