share balance went down for no discernible reason

On 8/23/19, the share balance for one Prudential fund was 613.74. On 9/6/19, I PURCHASED an additional 64.94 shares, which is accurately shown as "bought" in Quicken (correct number of shares purchased, correct purchase price); HOWEVER, the new total share balance DROPPED to 555.48.

I tried validating the file to no result.

I tried deleting the 8/23 and 9/6 transactions then re-entering them, to no result. Quicken still shows that this purchase of shares resulted in a reduction in the overall share balance.

My Prudential account correctly reflects the total number of shares that Quicken should show (but isn't). So this isn't some type of Prudential share correction, but a Quicken error.

Does anyone know of a way to see/correct what is going on behind the scenes so the total number of shares correctly reflects the entered transactions? Or any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Quicken R24.11, Build, Windows 10


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