How do you combine two investment accounts?

I had problem downloading TIAA info starting in 2020. Got OL-332 error. During trouble shooting, I managed to create 2 TIAA accounts in Quicken (same account number at TIAA). The new one will update with the latest 90 days of transactions. The old one still won't update. The old account still has all pre-December 2019 transactions.
How do I get all the transactions into one account?
The new account is set up for YES direct connect and works
The old account is NO direct connect (Activate download)
After Activating the download on the old account, it asks for TIAA username/password, goes out on the web, finds TIAA account, then does nothing, and goes back to the account page.
Any advice on next steps?
Quicken Premier 2019, fully updated.
Thanks in advance!


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    Without troubleshooting why the old account is not working, I did recently with an account that had 20 years of data/lot information etc. I completed a "Transfer Shares" transaction to a new Quicken account so that I could speed up performance. The shares transferred to the new account with lot information correctly, and I transferred the cash an reset the online settings for the new account and downloaded.

    Only caveat is that I downloaded a lot of data that I didn't need, but spent the time deleting transactions manually.

    Take a backup, and experiment with the transfer functions/downloads and see what works best for your situation.
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    Secondly, combining two accounts with transactions is not a current capability (like a merge type activity of two accounts). You would have to troubleshoot the old account and combine the new transactions from a download.
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    Actually, for about a year I think, investments accounts have the capability to move transactions.  Right click a transaction in the investment account you want to move, left click "Move transaction(s)", then in the window that pops up, select the ones you want to move and to which account.
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