Not enough memory to proceed

After a recent update, I tried to open Windows multiple times, only to receive an error message stating "Not enough memory to proceed". I was then unable to open Quicken, which was very frustrating. I found a discussion this site relating to this issue, but few actual solutions that worked (short of uninstalling/re-installing Quicken or creating a completely new Windows user, which I could not do on my work laptop).


  • This is the < 1 min solution that worked for me. My specs are:

    Laptop: my work laptop, Dell Precision 3520
    Memory: 32 GB
    Quicken: Windows Subscription

    1) Right click on the Quicken icon / shortcut in the taskbar and select "Properties"
    2) Press the "Advanced" button
    3) Check the "Run as Administrator" box

    This allowed me to open Quicken successfully. Part of my issue is likely due to a corporate Windows update that was pushed out, that limited / removed my local Windows account as a "admin" user. Hope that helps!
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