Quicken is "paying" bills to my Visa credit card without authorization

Quicken is adding a payment to my Visa credit card, each month which I am not scheduling or authorizing. It does not show up in the "Pay Now" screen nor does the bill show up in the "Bills Payments and Income" screen. I can not find the payment request anywhere - only as a payment made when downloading files for reconciliation. The payment is always for the same amount - not the amount of the bill I want to pay to my credit card company. Where can I locate this ghost transaction.


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    Why do you think it is Quicken that is adding the payment?  If it is a downloaded transaction then that information is coming from the credit card, not Quicken.  
    Have you checked with your credit card or with your bank to confirm that recurring automatic payments weren't set up directly with either of those institutions?
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    If you are using bill payment (not Quicken Bill Payment) it's possible you inadvertently setup a Repeating Online payment. You can confirm by going to Bill & Income Reminders and selecting the Repeating Online tab. If that is what was created, it should show up here.
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  • Thank you, Geoff, for your response. I do not have any repeating online payments set up. There are none under the Bills and Income Reminders>Repeating Online
  • Thank you, Boatnmaniac, for your response. I have checked with both my bank and credit card company an neither of those has a recurring automatic payment set up that might account for the "ghost payment".
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    Judith, I think Repeating Online tab entries show only those bills that have been linked to a  biller's website.  If you have not set this up with your credit card then repeating bill reminders will not show up there. I have many manual (not online) repeating bill and income reminders that are set up in Quicken but nothing shows up in my Repeating Online tab entries, either.  They do show up, however, on the All Bills & Deposits tab and on the Monthly Bills & Deposits tab.  I usually use the Monthly Bills & Deposits tab to review status of reminders and upcoming reminders because there's not so many listings (easier for me to review on a monthly basis).  Have you looked at either of these tabs to see if there is a reminder that occurs each month?  If you see one then it is being entered into the register automatically each month.  Fortunately, that is an easy fix.
    1)  Highlight that reminder by clicking on it.
    2)  In the Action column on the right side of the screen, click on the Edit button and then click on "Edit This Instance and All Future Instances."
    3)  That will bring up the "Edit Bill Reminder" pop-up where you can either delete the recurring reminder if you no longer want it at all or you can modify it if you simply want to change it (for instance, to change which bank the credit card payment is coming from or change the amount of the payment).  If you delete it the auto entries will go away.
    4)  If you wish to keep the reminder but with changes:  Click on "Optional Settings" in the lower left of that pop-up and look to see if "Auto enter XX days in advance" is shown.  If it is, click on the blue "change" link at the end of that line.  This will bring up another pop-up and click on "Remind me XX days in advance" to remove the auto enter command.  Set the "Remind me" to the number of days you want and click "OK".  This will stop the auto entry in your register from occurring.
    5)  Make any other desired changes to the "Edit Bill Reminder" (such as which bank is making the payment, the amount of the payment, the date of the payment, etc.) and then click "Done".
    Let us know if that was the issue or not.
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  • Thank you Boatnmaniac. I wish that your intelligent, lengthley and clear instructions applied. I went through every tab in Quicken and could not find the repeating bill. Credit card company had no such payment as a repeating one. Second call to the bank resulted in success. Nothing showed up in their "front" files as a repeating payment, but the representative could "see" the payments, but not by whom, when or why they were created. A long conversation with "the back room" resulted in the repeating payments being cancelled. Apparently they were created with the bank, but they had no records other than the amount. Makes me feel like keeping my money under the mattress rather than deal with golly gee whiz answers from financial institutions!! Cheers, Judy
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    Believe me, after all the issues over the years that I've encountered with banks I've often thought about hiding my money under the mattress, too!  :smile:  I'm glad you got it figured out and fixed!  Have a great day!  (If I'd experienced the issue you had I'd be having a great day now, too.)
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