Error adding First Clearing LLC Brokerage account

I'm trying to add a brokerage account from First Clearing LLC to Quicken. After entering my userid and password, Quicken asks me two security questions that I set up on the site when registering. However, after answering them, Quicken tells me "Oops. We are having a problem." and tells me not to contact First Clearing but to try again in a few hours. Unfortunately, I tried this a couple of days ago and got the same result (and to be sure I had the answers correct, I just reset the security questions and tried again with the same result).

Who do I report this problem to if not First Clearing? Is it a Quicken problem?


  • Sherlock
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    If you are attempting to setup the Online Service to use the Direct Connect connection method, I suggest you contact the financial institution.  If you're attempting to setup the Online Service to use the less reliable Express Web Connect connection method, I suggest you contact Quicken Support.  If you have already, you may want to review:
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I went back in and did Advanced Setup, since it didn't show what method was being used (or at least I didn't see it) on the initial screen. The default seemed to be Express Web Connect. I tried setting it to Direct Connect and it said that I needed to get a login, but then it said that it's the same as used for website login. Tried that and it kept sending me back to the page that said I needed to get a login from First Clearing. Maybe I'll try giving them a call on Monday.
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    It's not unusual for a bank to require that download ability be established with them before you can set it up in Q.
    Direct Connect is, by far, Q most reliable and easiest download method.  Go with that if you can.
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    I agree it's not unusual to need it to be set up for a bank, but I have not seen it with a brokerage.
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