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I am on the latest version of Quicken for Windows.

Is there a way to delete some of the investment views under the Investing tab under Portfolio? I have several custom views that I don't use.

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  • Hello,

    This has been an ignored request for literally decades. I was requesting this back in the late-1990's. Quicken should make the "Portfolio Views" BOTH sortable and deletable. Please, not everyone wants or appreciates Quicken telling us what and how we should view our own investments.

    Please, finally, allow portfolio views to be sorted by us, and to be deleted by us. It is a simple request and would enhance the Quicken users experience in an otherwise often frustrating program.

    Quicken user since 1992
  • Addendum: As long as I'm on a campaign to encourage Quicken to finally step up and hire someone to focus on the Investing Window views, here are some other "Portfolio Views" ideas that Quicken could implement1. at the same time:

    1. Allow us to duplicate a current view so that we don't have to try to realign columns and customize each view. For example: I would love to see the exact same view, but in separate portfolio views, of my retirement investments and my brokerage investments. However, I currently have to try to replicate that by customizing a view by adding or removing items to view and then I have to try to align the columns. Frustrating.

    2. Allow us to adjust the columns using a column width entry. That way I can size columns exactly. Irksome.

    3. Allow columns to be set where I want them instead of being automatically stretched to the window size. I use a very wide screen and have to stretch the last column to the right as far as the window goes just so that the other columns don't get spaced out. Aggravating.


  • jmatch5280
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    Definitely agree with the need to delete and sort portfolio views. My priorities: 1) delete unused views, 2) sort views so frequently-used are on top (provided the window gets fixed so the top of the list is shown, not the bottom).
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