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    Weird thing is, this added paycheck doesn't show up in the Tax Summary or Tax Schedule reports!?!
    When I added it as described above, it looks, smells and tastes just like the rest of the paychecks, entered via the wizard, all year.
    For some reason, this extra, out-of-synch paycheck is not showing up in the Reports!!
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    edited February 2020
    Ahhh, fixed the Reports.
    To begin with, it was a weird correction paycheck from the small company she works for. Payroll lady was fixing an earlier mistake by just issuing a paycheck with no deductions (for federal, fica, etc.) which just made it more interesting.
    When I copied another wizard-created paycheck and edited it, because it had no deductions Q put it in the ledger as a weird sort of transfer/deposit into the same account (our checking account). But, when I tried to edit it, I couldn't change anything (I was going to add some small federal, fica, etc. deductions and correct it in Q in the next paycheck). But, I couldn't edit it like you can with a standard paycheck deposit. Weird.
    So I changed the Q assigned transfer/deposit in Category and re-categorized it as Salary Spouse and all is good. It now shows up in all the appropriate year-end reports.
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