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Scott Rose
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Quicken Mobile for iOS needs to DRASTICALLY INCREASE ITS USABILITY for easier & quicker data entry on-the-go!

There are so many taps & scrolls & keyboard choices & more taps & more scrolls & more keyboard choices — just to add a single transaction into Quicken Mobile for iOS!

(And the interface is extremely SLOOOOW, too — because Quicken didn't use native iOS tools to create this app. Their app is just Javascript wrapped in an iOS layer. Would be nice if the app was actually fast & responsive.)

In general, it feels like nobody at Quicken has ever really spent the time to actually test out the ACTUAL USABILITY of Quicken Mobile for quick & fast & efficient data entry.

On average, it takes us 30-45 seconds to simply enter in one new transaction!

This is way too long!

For comparison purposes: there was an old iOS app called PocketMoney 1.1.3 that we used for years... up until it was discontinued in 2019. In PocketMoney 1.1.3, we could enter new transactions in only 3-5 seconds! That's right! Only 3-5 seconds! (See more information below on PocketMoney 1.1.3.) 

And we get slowed down even more in Quicken Mobile because the categories don't even display as "long categories" (e.g. "Personal:Dining", "Work:Dining", "Misc:Dining", etc.), but the categories display as "short categories" (e.g. "Dining", "Dining", "Dining"). So we're constantly slowed down, trying to check if we've got the ACCURATE category & subcategory assigned to each new transaction. This takes such an incredibly long time, and is so very frustrating. It's absolutely maddening just trying to use the app for data entry!

And Quicken Mobile slows us down even more because the date picker doesn't give us an actual "pop-up calendar" to visually choose a date from, but gives us a wheel of dates to choose from!

And there's no way to use the virtual keyboard to just jump from field to field. Every single time we add a payee to a transaction, we're FORCED to tap into the payee field — and then go back to the keyboard again!

We should simply be able to type, hit return, type, hit return, type, hit return.

That's how PocketMoney 1.1.3 used to work. That's how all good interfaces work. But instead, Quicken Mobile is a haphazard combination of tapping, scrolling, clicking, typing, tapping, scrolling, clicking, typing, etc.

Quicken Mobile sometimes doesn't even remember what screen we were last viewing, once we quit & relaunch the app! This slows us down even more as well.

IT IS MY STRONGEST RECOMMENDATION THAT THE QUICKEN MOBILE TEAM please see if they can somehow find an old copy of the old iOS app entitled "PocketMoney version 1.1.3", which was discontinued in 2019. (The new version of PocketMoney — version 2.0 — doesn't work the same way anymore because it was taken over by a new development team.) But the old PocketMoney version 1.1.3 was the fastest & easiest & most lightning-fast app in the entire App Store for creating new bank transactions that you could then import into Quicken. It would only take about 3-5 seconds to enter a new transaction in PocketMoney version 1.1.3! That's right! Only 3-5 seconds for any new transaction in PocketMoney! If the Quicken Mobile development team was able to somehow find this old app, they would be absolutely flabbergasted & blown away by how efficient, clean, sleek, easy, fast, quick, user-friendly, and amazing that app was! Sadly, PocketMoney was discontinued after version 1.1.3, and was recreated by a new developer with version 2.0, so version 2.0 is not worth looking at.

Please — Quicken Mobile development team —please put some time & effort & some care into this app! The usability is really terrible — and it could be improved sooo dramatically!

Thank you! :)
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    P.S. the product manager has also invited users to also contact them directly here:

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  • Scott Rose
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    Thank you! I just sent the product manager an email! Hopefully, he will respond! :)
  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello All,

    The Community Support team regularly reviews long-standing posts and Ideas for relevancy and current interest. This Idea seems to have stalled and we would like to gauge the current interest in this request. 

    If you would like to see this idea implemented, please add your vote and a comment explaining how this idea would be beneficial for you. More information, including steps to vote and how to submit your own Ideas for future product features/improvements, is also available here.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Community Support Team
    -Quicken Anja
  • Scott Rose
    Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
    Yes, of course, this is incredibly important. Quicken Mobile is the most neglected part of Quicken. There are literally dozens of problems with the Quicken Mobile app, but here are just a small handful of the biggest problems:

     1. When we're entering in a new transaction into Quicken Mobile for iOS (and dealing with all of the other problems that go along with entering a new transaction), Quicken Mobile displays ALL OF OUR PAYEES, even those that have been HIDDEN on Quicken Mac. Please respect this HIDDEN checkbox, and don't show us all of our payees. This slows things down even more than the already-slow interface..

    2. To make matters worse, when we're entering in a new transaction, Quicken Mobile for iOS doesn't give us OUR MOST RECENT PAYEES at the top of the list, but insists on showing them in alphabetical order. Just like the Quicken Mac desktop app, please show our most recent payees at the top of the list.

    3. Very, very, very frustrating for us: When we're entering a new transaction, when the Category field gets AUTOMATICALLY QUICK-FILLED onto a new transaction, you can never see the long category name (i.e. Category:Subcategory). Even when viewing an old transaction, you can never see the long category name (i.e. Category:Subcategory). Why? Because Quicken Mobile for iOS will only show us the "Subcategory", not the "Category:Subcategory" when we are entering a new transaction. You are forced by Quicken Mobile to tap on the category field first, and then sometimes even scroll up to see the category name. Unless we tap on the Category field, we have to GUESS as to what the category might be when we're entering a new transaction. Please show us BOTH the Category AND the Subcategory when we are entering a new transaction or viewing an old transaction. 

    4. In Quicken Mobile for iOS, whenever we enter a new transaction from the main home screen, Quicken chooses the first account alphabetically as our default account for that new transaction. This is NEVER the account that we want to use for new transactions. We should be able to set what our DEFAULT ACCOUNT is that Quicken Mobile should default to when entering a new transaction from the Home Screen.

    5. Instead of giving us a fluid user interface, Quicken Mobile for iOS makes us tap way too many times to enter in a new transaction. For example, when we're trying to enter a payee name into the payee field, (1) first we have to tap the payee field once to hide the existing keyboard, then (2) we have to tap a 2nd time into the payee field to bring up the payee search screen, then (3) we have to tap a 3rd time into the payee search screen to start searching for a payee, and then (4) we have to tap a 4th time to choose a payee, and then (5) we have to tap a 5th time to move onto the next field. This is 5 unnecessary taps, just to enter ONE payee. And Quicken is extremely slow & unresponsive during all 5 of these taps. And this painful experience is just for ONE FIELD. Similar frustrations exist for EVERY FIELD. Entering a payee should be 2 taps at most.

    6. No matter how many times you set your balance to show you "Projected Balance" instead of "Today's Balance" throughout the entire app, Quicken Mobile for iOS insists on going right back to "Today's Balance" again — as soon as you quit and relaunch the app. Regardless of whether you change it on the home screen or for individual accounts, it always goes right back to "Today's Balance" on all screens.

    7. When viewing your list of "Recent Transactions" from "Date New to Date Old", Quicken Mobile for iOS doesn't actually show you your transactions in reverse chronological order. This makes it extremely confusing & frustrating to actually figure out what your most recent transaction actually was. What Quicken Mobile for iOS does is that it LUMPS ALL OF EACH DAY'S TRANSACTIONS TOGETHER INTO A GROUP, and then it puts the OLDEST TRANSACTION OF EACH DAY FIRST. This makes absolutely no sense at all, and makes it slow & time consuming & confusing to find our most recent transaction, since everything is out of order. Quicken Mobile should ACTUALLY show us our transaction in TRUE REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.

    8. Please make Quicken Mobile an ACTUAL native iOS app for full speed & proper interaction with the operating system.

    9. Quicken Mobile never matches downloaded transactions to previous transactions that we had already entered manually. Quicken Mobile always treats downloaded transactions as BRAND NEW TRANSACTIONS, even if that transaction has already been manually entered into the register previously. Please fix this behavior. We need Quicken Mobile to MATCH transactions. Otherwise, we end up with duplicate transactions, when we should only have one transaction. At the very least, please give us the ability to MANUALLY match transactions after they have been downloaded. Manually matching transactions would also be helpful for us to match transactions that Quicken is unable to recognize. 

    10. When we are entering a new transaction in Quicken Mobile, it would be nice if we could PASTE in numbers for the dollar amount. We often want to copy the dollar amount from an emailed receipt, and then paste it into Quicken Mobile. But Quicken Mobile doesn’t let us paste in numbers into the dollar amount — it requires us to manually type in numbers.

    11. Similar to Quicken Desktop, it would be great if we could perform math in the amount field, simply by typing +, -, x, or /. This would make it very easy to edit previous transactions by slightly altering the dollar amount using mathematics.