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New investment transactions aren't triggering a price history entry

Scott RoseScott Rose Member ✭✭✭✭
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In the old Quicken 2007, there was a very cool feature:

Every time we entered a new investment transaction for a stock purchase or sale, the price history for that stock would update itself with the stock price that was entered for that new transaction.

But in the new Quicken for Mac, it seems like price histories never get updated from entering in a new stock transaction. It seems like price histories can only get updated automatically from Quicken's stock download service — or manually by going into "Windows > Securities > [Double Click on Stock Name] > Price History". These are a lot of steps!

We're entering in investment transactions for cryptocurrencies, so we can't get Quicken to automatically download the prices of those cryptocurrencies. In the past, we could depend on our new transactions triggering the price history additions, but now we have to manually go through sooo many steps to update our price history!

Please allow the price history to be updated from new transactions!

Thanks! :)
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  • nhuddlestonnhuddleston Member ✭✭
    I'm all in on this request. I have a number of employer retirement funds that can't be updated from online quotes, so I have to update their price histories manually. Prices paid or received in transactions are more significant to me than any others in the history. Even if manual entry weren't so unwieldy, it's annoying to have to manually update the history with the price Quicken calculates and enters in the transaction.

    To beat a very dead horse, I miss the 2007 graphs for individual securities and price histories showing buys and sells.
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    And to beat another dead horse, I really miss the ability to enter security prices for any date directly in the portfolio view. Having to go to the Securities window, double-click on a security to open it, click to change to the Price History Tab, then enter a date and a price, save, close, then move on to the next -- it's just a lot more work than it was in Quicken 2007.
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