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Missing Income Payee on Bills & Income Tab

I get cash back from some of my credit cards, so I decided to put a monthly reminder in the Bills & Income section. I usually have the cash deposited back into my credit card account as a credit against my balance. When I put in the reminder, it did not appear in the "Income" sub tab. However, it did appear in the "Payees" sub tab. It also showed in the "Upcoming Bills & Income" section of the Home tab, so at least it won't get overlooked when it is due.

When I changed the receiving account to a bank account, it showed in the "Income" section. When I changed it back to a credit card, it disappeared again.

It appears that there is some logic built into the coding that will not allow scheduled income into a credit card account. Can anyone else replicate this issue?

Note that I can live with this, since the reminder does appear on the Home tab and I can enter the transaction from the "Payees" sub tab (as long as I remember to go there instead of under "Income").


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I see the behavior you describe. 

    I also have reminders for credit card rebates. But I've never tried to view them in the Income tab of Bills & Income. I just have the register set to show next occurrence of each scheduled transaction, so see them there. I can also see them in the Projected Balances tab of Bills & Income.
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  • John_M
    John_M Member ✭✭✭✭
    @RickO thanks for confirming. It doesn't keep me from doing what I need to do, so it's not a real issue for me. Maybe just something for the developers to put on the list.
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