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American Express Downloading All Cardmember Transactions

I am the primary account holder on our American Express cards. Direct Connect is syncing all of the additional card member's transactions into my Quicken register. Is there a way to single out just my transactions?? Thank you in advance for your help


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    There are some credit cards which issue different credit card numbers to other authorized card users but all those credit cards are usually linked by the card issuers to the primary holder's account number and downloaded under that primary account number.  Some of these companies (like my Citi Costco Visa card) will include who made the charge in the Memo field of the transaction.  But that won't work well for your purpose if you want to enter other information into the Memo field.
    I think the best way for you to do this is to create Tags for each card holder and after the transactions are downloaded click on the Tag field and click on which person made the purchase.  When you run reports on this credit card account you can then filter them by Tag or to show only the Tag(s) you want shown in the report.
    The easiest way to create Tags is to simply enter the name(s) you want in the Tag field of a transaction in your register and after hitting enter confirm that you want to create the Tag.  Once the Tag(s) are created they will always be there in a drop-down menu in the Tag field for future transactions manually entered or downloaded.
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    I previously asked essentially this question here: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7860502/does-direct-connection-let-me-split-american-express-account

    But I'm also wondering if this might have changed now in Quicken, because it turns out that AmEx's redesigned web site (rolled out since I asked in September) allows you to download QFX files filtered by cardholder.

    I know Quicken can split transaction data between multiple investment accounts for a single login, so I was hoping maybe it would do the same for multiple credit card registers on a single login, now that AmEx has added this capability?
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    The reason why Quicken can split transactions from multiple accounts at a FI during OSU is because I believe (but I'm not sure) that it really is not a single QFX file download of all accounts but is rather multiple QFX file downloads, one for each account.  As long as AmEx rolls up your wife's card transactions into your account number then what will be included in your AmEx account download is the total of all the combined transactions under your account number.
    If AmEx doesn't download each transaction with a note in the Memo field saying who made the charge and since you don't want to (understandably) manually Tag each and every transaction I have only two suggestions:
    1)  Try manually downloading from Amex and then importing first your card transactions and then separately manually downloading importing your wife's card transactions but be sure to backup your data file first in case something goes wrong.  I'm not sure how well Quicken will handle this.  Depending on what account number is included in each manual download/import you might not be able to link both downloads to the same Quicken account and instead might end up having 2 separate AmEx credit card accounts in Quicken.  Or, if it does work then I'm guessing you'll still need to manually Tag each transaction, anyway.  At a minimum you'll probably not be able to use OSU for this process.
    2)  You might want to consider applying for a new AmEx credit card account (not another authorized card for your current account) in either your or your wife's name.  You continue to use your current main credit card and she stops using the authorized card and starts using the new credit card.  Then you can set up a new AmEx credit card account in Quicken for the downloads from that new credit card account and you'll always know who made each purchase without having to do any manual Tags.
    #2 might be your best and cleanest option for Quicken but if you are getting reward points from AmEx it might mess that up.  You'd have to check with AmEx to see if those reward points can be combined somehow.  Citi lets me combine reward points from several different Citi cards into one rewards account so maybe AmEx allows it, too? 
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