Desktop versions of Quicken should automatically update Quicken Mobile — and vice versa!

When trying to synchronize transactions between Quicken Mac and Quicken Mobile, we are typically required to MANUALLY click on the "Update All Online Accounts" button in Quicken Mac. But this should be an AUTOMATIC function!

The "Update All Online Accounts" button only refreshes itself automatically when we launch Quicken Mac, but it would be awesome if the "Update All Online Accounts" button automatically updated under these 2 circumstances:

1. After we type in new transactions in Quicken Mac, the "Update All Online Accounts" should automatically update in order to send those new transactions to Quicken Mobile.

2. After a new transaction is typed into Quicken Mobile and updates the Quicken cloud, the "Update All Online Accounts" in Quicken Mac should automatically update itself so that new Quicken Mobile transactions are put into Quicken Mac.

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