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Doesn't work

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edited February 2020 in Using Quicken on the Web
I have always given the quicken mobile app a chance to redeem itself. When I saw that quicken now support mobile banking in a web browser, I decided to "give in" to the new subscription based product but now regret it! It not only doesn't work, but it locks out my Bank Account! I have to reset my password with my bank over and over! I have to keep resetting even after deleting my bank info off of the mobile and web app! I still got locked yet another time. I have now even deleted all banking connection on the window PC app. I have been syncing my banking on quicken for windows for decades without a hitch (UNTIL NOW!!!) i am ready to give up on quicken all together and go with another product. The time and hassle IS NOT worth it to me. Quicken is slick and pretty but has gotten bloated and unreliable. And now even makes connecting to my bank account unreliable. This is unacceptable!!!
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