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How can I stop Quicken asking me to update? I do not want updates.

Quicken slows me down asking me to update. I do not want updates.

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  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    You don't want bug fixes??? Curious.
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  • No, Ido not want updates because every time I update, some ofmy accounts get out of balance. Speaking of balances,when I check that I want my balance to show up in a column on my registerm it gives me a huge number that has nothing to do with the balance that shows in my bank. This has happened recently after an update as I used to be able to compare ending balances with my bank statement, but now I cannot.
    Anybody have a way to correct this?
    I have used Quicken for many years, but have not been happy since Intuit departed.
    Thanks :(
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