Bills & Income — Need column for SCHEDULED FREQUENCY (Q Mac)

On the screen located at "Bills & Income > Bills > All Bills > Next Instance", we need an extra column for SCHEDULED FREQUENCY.
In this new SCHEDULED FREQUENCY column, it would show "weekly" or "monthly" or "annually" or "custom" or whatever.
In the old Quicken 2007, this column existed, and it made it extremely easy for us to see at-a-glance how frequently our different bills are occurring.
But now, in the new Quicken for Mac, we are forced to manually edit each instance one-at-a-time and then click over to the "Schedule" tab — just to see what its scheduled frequency is!
This is very inconvenient, takes multiple different mouse clicks, and it also gives us a lesser sense of control over our own upcoming bills!
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  • Scott Rose
    Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
    edited April 2021
    Please give some love to the Bills & Income screen in Quicken Mac! We need the ability to sort our bills by "Frequency" — otherwise, we can't tell how frequently bills are due. This was a feature in Quicken 2007, but it was removed from Quicken 2017-2021.
  • Scott Rose
    Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
    Just wanted to bump up this thread again for a feature that was available in Quicken 7 but not available anymore.

    On the Bills & Income screen that shows all of our upcoming bills, please add a column for "Frequency". This would provide 2 advantages:

    1. This would enable us to quickly see at-a-glance what the frequency is for each bill, without us needing to choose "Edit All Instances..." just to see the frequency.

    2. This would also enable us to sort by frequency, so we could group our bills together based on whether they are monthly or annual bills.