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Syncing Quicken Mac to Quicken Mobile should be automatic

Scott RoseScott Rose Mac Beta Beta
Whenever we launch Quicken Mac, we want Quicken Mac to automatically bring in all of our transactions from Quicken Mobile. 

And whenever we quit Quicken Mac, we want Quicken Mac to automatically send our newly-entered transactions to Quicken Mobile.

However, none of this ever happens automatically in Quicken Mac.

We are always forced to MANUALLY remember to MANUALLY click on the "Update All Online Accounts" button in Quicken Mac, whenever we want to sync between Quicken Mac and Quicken Mobile.

Please make this process automatic.

The irony here is that it seems like Quicken Mac automatically syncs stock quote prices for our portfolio accounts as soon as we launch Quicken Mac, but it never automatically syncs between Quicken Mac and Quicken Mobile.  

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  • garygary Member ✭✭
    Sync to Quicken Cloud is checked in my one step update settings, but mobile sync does not work unless I manually go intoQuicken Mobile and Web and press the Sync Now button. This One Step Update function is broken.
  • garygary Member ✭✭
    I am seeing One Step Update not completing the mobile sync on the Windows version as well.
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