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one step updates becoming obsolete?

Security changes at Bank and credit card companies are making it more and more difficult to perform seamless One Step Updates with Quicken. The latest issue has been with my credit union and a Citi Bank sourced credit card that now require me to manually logon onto the citi web site and enable desktop app downloads and it only seems to be good for ten minutes, the next time I want to perform a one step update I have to go thru the whole routine again.. and again.. and again. TD Bank One Step Updates require enabling desktop app access and when enabled it works for a week or so and then stops working, requiring that I logon to the TD Bank website, go thru 2FA to access and manually download my account information.

I get it. Attacks on financial institutions are at an alarming rate. Quicken can't keep up with all the changes. In response Quicken should make it easier to manually download credit card account information for import into Quicken, something that can not be done today and requires manually entering each transaction, which is not an acceptable solution. Without these types of changes Quicken will quickly become obsolete.
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