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Be able to independently align individual "lines" when printing Quicken Voucher Checks

I find that the check alignment process could be better. It would be nice to be able to align individual "lines" independent of other "lines" when printing Quicken Voucher Checks.

The Memo line is not printing across from the Memo position on voucher checks and is printing very close to the routing numbers at the bottom of the voucher checks. It needs to be moved 'up' about three lines without adjusting/disturbing the other preprinted fields on the voucher check. Currently when one adjusts one line on a voucher check the other lines are automatically shifted the same amount in the same direction.
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    @William Day You should cast a vote for your own idea by clicking the little gray arrow under the vote counter in the blue box under the first post in this thread. (Others who want this addressed need to vote as well.)

    The issue of aligning checks -- and specifically being able to adjust the height of the address and the memo fields independently -- has been brought up many times in this forum (here and here and here, to note a few). The site moderators have unfortunately closed all those threads because they are old -- but the issue hasn't been addressed and it's unclear if they ever forwarded this issue to the development team or if it's on their roadmap. You may want to use the Report a Problem feature in the Quicken Help menu to explain why it's a problem for you; the more people who do that, the more likely it gets some attention.

    The problem is that the code for printing checks is old: it comes from the predecessor 2010-era Quicken Essentials for Mac program, which served as the code the current Quicken Mac was built from. They have to completely re-write the check printing code part of the program in order to modernize it, so what seems like it might be an easy fix is actually something that's a bigger project. And with it being a problem for an apparently small percentage of Quicken Mac users, it hasn't been high on their priority list.

    Meanwhile, many users have found that by adjusting the entire block of text up or down a bit, they can get to a non-optimal-but-workable solution for their checks. The memo may partly show through the window if you shift everything up, but you might find that better than having it too low.
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