I'm using Quicken Canada for investments. When I try to add a foreign investment in foreign

I'm using Quicken Canada for investments. I have my broker account set up in U.S. dollars.
When I try to add a foreign investment in foreign dollars, I get the error message "Please select a security whose currency matches the currency of your account". Everything is in U.S. dollars so I don't understand.


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    But did you turn on Multi-currency support in Q?
    Did you set up that brokerage account, in Q, to be USD ONLY?
    Because it sounds like your account is set for CAD, not USD.
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  • Paul M.
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    I don't see the option to turn on multi-currency support in Quicken Canada. I have 2 separate brokerage accounts. One brokerage account is a USD account for my USD activity, and the second account is a CDN account for Canadian transactions.
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    When I try to buy a US stock in my US account in USD (say Microsoft), it won't let me if I previously purchased Microsoft in my CDN account (in CDN dollars).
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    There is no way to turn on Multi-currency (or off for that matter) in Quicken Canadian because it is always in Multi-currency mode. It seems like way back when they first added support for Canada they did it by forcing US Quicken into Multi-currency mode.

    As for mixing currencies in the same account, that is definitely a no-no in the US version. One currency per account. And it seems to be true based on what you are saying in the Canadian version (I don't use it so I can't check). The first buy in the account locks in that currency. BTW QIF format has no currency in it. Imports from QIF format take on the currency of the account. So they wouldn't work right if it wasn't one currency per account.

    There have been many discussions on this kind of thing over the years and the Canadian version has better multi-currency support than the US version, but I as a US user never really understood all the details especially in the investment accounts/securities area. There were some "surprises" (that I don't remember the details for) where you could do something in the Canadian version, but not in the US.

    There are a few restrictions in the Canadian version in comparison to the US version too. One is you can't turn off multi-currency mode, and the other is you can't change the home currency, both of which you can do in the US version.
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