Unable to delete biller - RESOLVED

In Bills, Income and Transfers I had a recurring message 'Attention! Important upgrade required for Online Bills" saying "Quicken does not support this biller for now or biller information is not valid. Please remove this biller." for a Verizon bill
All other bill reminders show 'Verified'.
I click remove, next screen shows Verizon Account number, click Remove then next screen says 'Verizon Wireless account was successfully removed.'
But it was not removed. And It wasn't under Manage Manual Income and Bills. Efforts to Remove it were fruitless.
I subsequently manually added the payment again

Today I happened to go to Tools/Calendar and I found two Verizon bills showing up as pending. When I clicked on one, it showed it was Linked to the account number I tried to delete. I unlinked the account and then deleted the reminder.
I went to Bills, Income and Transfers and the problem bill was gone.

I have no idea what caused the problem or why I couldn't remove the bill using the 'Remove' button but thought I'd post how I stumbled upon a solution, at least for me.