bank update causing changes to old payments and splits

Quicken Premier 2020 R24.14 build purchased a few weeks ago and installed
last week was okay. Today tried to update payments and several accounts, including non-bank related, showed large negative balances. REestored week old backup, looked okay, tried
another bank payment update. seemed to work and brought up to date, then noticed mortage payments for 2019 had lost splits so whole payment applied to principal. Tried validate but only minor changes were made. Have tired validate to week old backup, same minor changes. How should I proceed?


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    Hello @DM

    Thank you for taking the time to share the details of this issue with the Community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    To better understand what is happening I have some questions.

    Did you upgrade to Premier 2020 R24.14 from a prior version of Quicken like Quicken 2016/2017?  If so, what version of Quicken did you have previously?

    Or are you brand new to Quicken?

    Do you sync with the Quicken Cloud to view your information on the companion Mobile and Web apps?

    If so, do you use the One Step Update to update the account information? Is the "sync to quicken cloud" box checked in the One Step Update Settings window?

    Is the mortgage account connected with the Financial Institution to download the account data?  Or do you manually enter the mortgage payments?

    Please let us know, thank you.

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    Thank you for responding!

    I was running 2017 quicken for several years and have been a user since the 1990s, so I have a large database of transactions. On Jan 5th I ordered 2020 premier, order number 003579978. I didn’t install right away but sometime in the 3rd week of Jan before a trip at the end of the month. I used the payments on line update several times before my backup 1/29. I don’t see problems in that data. As has been the case for versions before 2017, the program crashes with most payment updates, but I never detect lost data upon restart.

    Upon return from my trip last week , I entered new transactions and performed an payments update. I noticed the register line on my Wells Fargo checking account register flickering a lot for a long time. I then noticed that my cash account had a huge negative balance that appeared to start in 2017. I now think many cash transfers from the Wells Fargo account were missing. I had noticed other problems (but not with the mortgage acct) and restored the 1/29 backup. I reentered the new transactions and started an update. Again a flicker in the Wells Fargo account register.

    Now I saw a huge change in the mortgage balance. This was due to most of the 2019 check amounts being fully applied to principal instead of parts split into interest and escrow. The mortgage company is not an online account connected to quicken, so the splits are created when I trigger a mortgage payment using the quicken function for that.

    I tried validating the file at that point but it only reported a future brokerage transaction ( a payment to a brokerage credit card), and an unnamed category fix. It did not change the mortgage splits. I validated the 1/29 backup file and pretty much got the same log.

    Is there a way I can go back to the 2017 version? I need to setup next months payments.

    I do have the mobile quicken sync enabled but have found that frequently needs reentry of passwords and does not show pending payments from my Wells Fargo bill pay. So when I’m checking a week later to see if I forgot or made a mistake, the mobile app doesn’t help. I have to fire up the laptop.

    Thanks again for your time!

    By the way, the email said I could reply to your comment by email but the address was a no reply address, so it bounced.
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    2/22/2020 - From an Jan backup I tried an account update without payments and successfully updated the records. I then entered about 7 payments on my WF bank. Each update ended in a crash but no lost data or transactions. However, I then noticed the register line blinking under the on-line update screen. I used task manager to terminate Quicken and reopened the program. Checking the balances, I again saw the Mortgage and escrow account balances were way off. Again I see the payments in 2018 and 2019 were changed from splits to the full check amount applied to principle. Rebuilding the correct amounts will be painful. How can I get Quicken help to resolve these issues?
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    2/23/2020 - examining more accounts - all of the paycheck splits into other accounts, like saving, HSA, investment accounts from 2017 to 2019 have been lost. I needs to restore the 2017 version of Quicken, go back to the backup before I upgraded to 2020 and update from there. how can I do that?
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    this ticket number is 7427203
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    after the 2/23 post above, Quicken chat asked me to start a new .QDF file and test the WF download to see if the issue repeats. It took me a while to load 90 days of older transactions with splits. Quicken updated to version R25.18 Build I subsequently finished the experiment and the next download of payments did not damage the entered split lines. I then reloaded my main .QDF file and started a new down load. After the large number of payments for all of the accounts finished, the date box for the main WF checking account started blinking. This continued for many minutes. No balances were changed then, but I had to end the program with task manager. When I restarted Quicken, the file was damaged with the splits into property and debt files wiped out.

    So some aspect of my large .QDF file is implicated in the problem. However, I have multiple bank accounts and many accounts, with almost 2 decades of transactions. I hope I don't have to start from scratch adding my accounts to the new QDF file. Is it at all possible for the issue with the old QDF file to be fixed, or can I restore my previous 2017 version of Quicken?. And get a refund for the 2020 subscription?
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    Quicken chat was unable to provide a path forward. They had me create a new file with just the last 90 days of downloads from just my main account and that file did not have the problem. So there is an incompatibility with my old decades of transactions that 2020 screws up.

    You only have 30 days to ask for a refund and my first post on the problem was beyond the cutoff. (I had waited a couple of week after purchase to be sure 2019 transactions were complete, then it took another couple of weeks to understand what was happening.)

    I was told I could download 2017 again, but the payments system is changing in May and 2017 won't be compatible. So I have to just forget the old data, and add my other bank accounts to the new file.
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    Quicken was not able to provide a path forward that preserves my old transactions. They will not refund for 2020 purchase because I asked more than 30 days after purchase. This ignores that I didn't activate the subscription until 2 weeks later in order to be sure 2019 records were complete. Then it took a couple of weeks to understand what was going on before my post of 2/9 (34 days after purchase). building a test file with 90 days of transactions took more time.

    Now it is moot as the payment system is changing in May and 2017 won't be compatible. So I have to abandon my old data, add my other banks to the new 2020 file, and still 2020 crashes periodically during account downloads.