HELP! Really trying to get Bill Pay - Quicken not helping!?!?!

Not sure if anyone from Quicken Bill Pay reads these but I would really like someone from Quicken to know that I'm trying REALLY hard to use the service, but getting TERRIBLE customer support on the phone.

Short version: Trying to sign up for Quicken BillPay, got declined, they won't tell me why and I have great credit and history. Would love to be shown a little 'care' from Quicken other than hearing the script "we don't have to disclose why' from customer service.

Can anyone help me navigate to someone there who cares and can actually give me some info? :s :s

- My Case #2000152430
- Been calling every 3 or 4 days for over a month.
- Each time the customer service person ASSURES me "we will call you back in 24-48 hours
- Never once received a call
- Repeat
- Supervisors never available.
- I have been saintly polite but VERY frustrated
- Is there anyone who doesn't read scripts and can talk toe me.
- After every call I get a "HOW DID WE DO?!" survey email. So maddening.
-Can anyone hear me? ? ? ? ?

(I've never tried this hard to give my money to a company)



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    Hi, Phil:

    This is a user to user forum, so it is unlikely that any of us fellow users can assist you with your case. But, I can appreciate your frustration.

    Note: the BillPay service you are signing up for is handled through a third party (Metavante, so sadly, it is those individuals giving you the runaround.)

    I realize this isn't an answer, but wanted you to know are dealing with another company and not Quicken and why you might not receive resolution here.

    I wish you luck with this.

  • PlengerPlenger Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the info. Appreciate the reply.
  • John_in_NCJohn_in_NC SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I am not allowed to speculate here (against forum rules), but, if it were I, I would wait on what Metavante has to say in response.  I wouldn't lose sleep over it.
  • PlengerPlenger Member ✭✭
    I don't understand - do you think they'll reach out to me to respond? Bill Pay phone agents tell me 'denied. case closed. goodbye.' As I tried to explain my confusion and ask for a reason or a supervisor, they told me they were going to hang up on me. And then they did. Really unbelievable! I doubt anyone is going to just call me up and explain.

    Thanks, though for your thoughts.
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    They may never reach out to you, and if they do, great. But, I wouldn't worry about it if they don't (nor how an impeccable credit/account status/new users might be declined.)

    I would relax and take my time. Perhaps an alternative form of online bill payment without the hassles of Metavante might appear.
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    @Plenger As you may be aware, and John mentioned above, Quicken Bill Pay is a service provided by a company other than Quicken: Metavante. There are many, many complaints on this site about Metavante (Quicken Bill Pay) customer service, particularly in getting set up. (People who successfully get set up seems to have many fewer complaints about using the service.)

    Metavante is a giant company, and Quicken Bill Pay is undoubtedly a small operation for them. And they clearly have no incentive to improve their service. We've been told that Quicken management leans on them about problems, but it's unclear how much leverage Quicken actually has. 

    Here's what a Quicken representative posted on this site in November 2018 about Metavante:
    I'd like to provide a little background on the relationship between Quicken, Metavante and the Quicken Bill Pay service.  Prior to the split between Intuit and Quicken; Intuit had contracted with Metavante to provide bill payment services for Quicken Users (and Users of other Intuit Products/Services).  When Quicken separated to become a standalone company, all customers with a Quicken Bill Pay account were able to retain their accounts and bill payment access under the contracted terms between Intuit and Metavante and continue using those services until that contract ends, which is when Quicken 2017 is discontinued in April of 2020.

    There are not many vendors who offer all the services that Metavante does so, when the separation happened, Quicken opted to continue the business relationship with Metavante and wrote a new contract for the Quicken 2018/19 subscription products.  All of which is great, except for the fact that because it is a new contract, all subscription Members who wish to use the Quicken Bill Pay service have had to establish new Quicken Bill Pay Accounts with Metavante, under the new contracted terms.  Many Users have had to complete the full new account approval process, which requires additional documentation and proof of identity from Users to meet federally mandated laws for authorizing financial services such as bill payments.

    Unfortunately, Metavante was not prepared for the influx of new account requests from Users upgrading or purchasing Quicken 2018/19 and they have been struggling to meet their service level expectations and are taking longer than anticipated to approve new account requests. 
    The Quicken Senior Leadership team is aware of the delays with Metavante and have been working closely with them to help manage the requests in a more timely manner but since they are a separate third party company who provide a service for us but are not directly owned by Quicken, we are limited in what we are able to do, I apologize.
    That post won't resolve any of your issues or, likely, your frustration, but it does shed some light on how and why things are the way they are -- and perhaps hints that the possibility there might be changes coming later this spring depending on what they have planned around that contract expiration. Quicken has not publicly said anything about its plans, and I think that's why John was counseling some patience to see what if anything changes as that date approaches.

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  • PlengerPlenger Member ✭✭
    Its a shame that real information like this has to come from a community forum. I thank you folks for taking the time to explain. Quicken should be paying you (or better yet, fixing the problem?!).

    True, while it doesn't directly help, it does give background and possible reason to hope. Thanks again.
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    Hello @Plenger - My experience is EXACTLY the same as yours. I was rejected the first time (December / January), no reason given (after I was sent an email saying "We will be finishing the validation process of your enrollment with the documents that you have submitted"), and the account was abruptly closed. So I was told to apply again (January), re-sent all kinds of "i-am-who-i-am" stuff - and ... I fear I will be rejected again after just talking to them (but told there was still a chance; call them in two days). Frustrating to say the least as there is no alternative. I think Quicken MUST step in and fix this!
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    zippy114 said:
    I think Quicken MUST step in and fix this!
    The problem is that Quicken can't step in and fix it, because Quicken doesn't run the bill pay service. Metavante is the only party that can fix Metavante's terrible customer service. And since this has been an ongoing complaint, it seems they are either unable to, or disinterested in, fixing it.

    Quicken's only option is to replace Metavante. That hasn't been possible because of an existing contract, as explained in the post above. Whether Quicken can develop an alternative to allow them to break away from Metavante and offer a different Quicken bill pay service is what we'll possibly find out about as that April 30 deadline approaches.
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