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Capital One Credit Card & Quicken Bills & Income

MWGorman Member ✭✭
Quicken is aware of the problem of it not being able to access or download the data from Capital One Credit Card as it relates to the monthly statements. Meaning it won't give the balance due or date due. Its been an ongoing issue at least since June 2019. Quicken says its a problem with the Capital One system and that Quicken is working with the Capital One folks to resolve the problem.

While I believe Quicken does desire to resolve all problems like this and ask us to be patient and to not try at this time to set up the Capital One Credit Card bill information.

Quicken is an Accounting program and anyone that has ever kept the books knows that to leave out or ignore required data is crazy. We can do it for a while but for months and months is wrong. What makes it really wrong are two facts. (Removed) t is a Intuit company that has a product similar to quicken but not nearly as well respected. Yet (Removed) s program gives the monthly billing info and all the transactions without a problem. Secondly over the last four months I have called the digital customer service folks at Capital One and they may have heard of Quicken but are not aware of any problems that Quicken has when connecting to them. Capital One is not working on any issue regarding Quicken.

This is a coding or programming issue that Quicken can solve. I need my books to be complete and not have known missing data problems go on and on. If (Removed) can do it with a product they give away for free then surely Quicken can too.

Mike Gorman
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