How to I move an previous 401(k) account history into a nedw 401(k) provider?

My company changed 401(k) providers at the first of 2020. I have finally been able to download the opening balances from the new provider's website. I would like to move all the transaction history from the old account to the new account.


  • BoatnmaniacBoatnmaniac Member ✭✭✭✭
    You can click on the gear icon in the top left of your old 401K account register and then click on "Move Transactions".  You will get a pop-up where you can select the transactions you want to move and can then select the new 401K account register and then click "Done".  NOTE:  Be sure to make a back-up of your Quicken file before you do this in case something goes wrong.  Especially important if you have a lot of transactions to move.
    Personally, I've sometimes encountered problems with this mass transfer process that were very time consuming to troubleshoot and correct so I stopped using it.  Instead, I simply keep both the old and new accounts.  When all transactions from the old account are completed and the old 401K provider no longer is downloading anything new I will then close (not delete) the old account.  By closing the account Quicken will retain all of the transaction and cost history, you can still view the account register and the old account history will still show up in reports and in the Portfolio view of Investing.
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