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Quicken access to Chase bank accounts

I recently noticed that someone or something identified only as "MAC OS X 9_2_0" has been accessing my Chase bank and investment accounts multiple times a day for at least the past 90 days and possibly much longer. When I called Chase to report what I thought might be a security violation, the rep said "Oh, that's probably just Quicken." I do use Quicken and I do have Quicken set up for "direct connect" to my Chase accounts. However, neither the Chase rep nor the Quicken customer service rep I subsequently spoke to could explain why Quicken would be connecting to my accounts as many as four times a day at odd hours, often in the middle of the night. Does anyone here know what's going on?


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    This article should help illuminate...

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    Are you using QMobile / Q-Web?  If so, it also connects with your financial institution via the Quicken Cloud Account on Quicken's QCA aggregation servers.
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  • Thanks to those who replied to my question. I naively thought that Quicken would access my bank accounts only when I opened Quicken on my laptop and initiated an update from within the program. However, it appears Quicken's "aggregation partners" (whoever they are) are busily connecting to my accounts at all hours of the day and night for purposes unknown whether I want them to or not. This activity seems to be benign in that no unauthorized transfers or account changes have occurred, but nevertheless it's somewhat unsettling.
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