Lifetime Planner IDEA: Debt Reduction Plan NOT Recognized for Some Users

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Lifetime Planner IDEA:  LTP Does Not Recognize Debt Reduction Plan for Some Users

My Q19 H&B Lifetime Planner assumptions says I don't have a debt reduction plan when in fact I have created one. The Planning Assumptions dialog and its nested 'edit' dialog say that I haven't created or used the debt reduction planner. Quicken support has been clueless about this, suggesting that I reinstall the application. I'd appreciate any guidance if there's someone who has experienced and overcome this problem. I've seen related threads for earlier releases, suggesting that this was a bug fixed in a later release, but none for Q19.
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  • docfiddle
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    Thank you very much for testing and replicating the issue. I'll see if I can elevate it to someone at Q who can put it on the fixit schedule.
  • Mr. B
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    I can verify as of 12/8/2021, with most recent updates that the lifetime planner still does not recognize the debt reduction plan. This really needs to be fixed as one loses much confidence in the completeness and accuracy of the lifetime planner i.e. what else isn't linking correctly?