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The "Scheduled" tab in "Bills and Income Reminders" is empty/blank !!!

To Quicken Support,

I recently upgraded my Quicken Windows from Quicken 2017 to Quicken Subscription.
I just checked and I am running Quicken 2020 R 24.14.
I have been using Quicken for a LONG time (decades!) and just recently upgraded to the new Subscription service since I was going to lose access to my banks due to my Quicken 2017 no longer being supported.
Anyhow, if you select "Tools" and then "Manage Bills and Reminders", there are "4 tabs" that you can review to look at all your scheduled bills and reminders: 1) "Monthly Bills and Reminders", 2) "All Bills and Reminders", 3) "Scheduled", and 4) "Repeating Online".

In the past, I always used the "Scheduled" tab to review/modify/add all of my scheduled transactions. I have dozens of them spanning many different bank accounts I manage.

But now, since moving to Quicken 2020, the "Scheduled" tab is completely empty !!!!
However, all my Scheduled Bills are still being placed in my register correctly, and if I go to "All Bills and Deposits" tab, I still have the ability to find them and edit them. But it is not as "easy" a view as the "Scheduled" tab which listed everything just by "payee" and was a much simpler view to work with.

I presume this must be some sort of error/issue with Quicken, as I have ALWAYS used the "Scheduled" tab in the past and this is where I would add/modify any of my "Future Scheduled" repeating transactions.

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the "Scheduled" tab or is there a known issue with it or some way to get it "restored".

Any help would be appreciated, since I am a bit nervous about not seeing all my "scheduled" transactions, event though they do seem to be getting scheduled as they should in my registers.

Thanks, and let me know if you need any further information.




  • einstem
    einstem Member
    I just checked this morning and I still have this same issue.
    Anyone else experiencing this or is there some way to resolve this problem?
  • foopie
    foopie Member
    I upgraded to the subscription and lost my scheduled bills. They still appear under 'all bills' tab but not the 'scheduled' tab. I really don't want to re-enter them.
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