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How can I expand split transactions in my transaction list so they display on multiple lines?

Hi, new user here. I apologize if this was answered elsewhere but I couldn't find the answer in any of my searches.

Background Info:
By default, my version of Quicken (Windows, subscription version) condenses any transaction with a split category to a single line with the category marked "--Split--". But nearly half my transactions are split into two or three categories, so it's very clunky for me to mouse over all of these one by one to see the split category details whenever I want to review things. (And even when I do mouse over, for some reason the pop up is so small that it cuts off the category name after only 10 letters, so I can't even tell for sure what the categories are.)

My Question:
I would like the entire transaction list to just display the split categories in an expanded way (display the categories on multiple lines per transaction). It would make my transaction list so, so much easier to use. Is there any way to do this?

If not, please tell me there's at least a way to expand the size of the category details pop up so that I can actually read the category names.

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  • bjb5264bjb5264 Member
    Thank you, I didn't realize that the register report would display like that. It's a pretty good workaround. So much easier to read!

    The only thing is, since it's a report, it's not directly editable. I wish I could just display the split transactions like that in the transaction register, where I can edit them easily. I really hope that in the future the same "Show splits" display setting will be added to the transaction register.

    For now I guess I'll display the report and the transaction register in two windows, line them up next to each other and make any needed updates that way. Still a bit clunky, but much better than what I was doing before.
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