Inaccurate info in reports when using Windows App.

Android version of app is working accurately. In the Windows computer app all data is accurate, but the spending over time and net income over time reports are way off. Chatted with Quicken support, had me reinstall Quicken, still wrong. Not a big deal but why is the report not working when data in all accounts is up-to-date and works on Android, but doesn't handle the data correctly when using a computer. Quicken itself is fine, validation reports no errors.


  • pratik
    pratik Member ✭✭
    I am having similar issue with "Net Income over Time" bar graph on the Web only. It always shows my Income in -ve. Upon further investigation I see that it is not reporting my paychecks and hence it is always -ve. Can support team look into this ASAP. Thanks.
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