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Why does Quicken treat their users as disposable objects?

Absolutely furious with Quicken right now. I am a user since DOS version 1 and I have dealt with a lot of the "stuff" that Intuit had put users through but this one takes the cake. Suddenly, out of nowhere, my one step update stops working and the program repeatedly asks me for my ID but will not accept it. After almost a week of trying to see if it will resolve it self, I finally figure it is something with version 2017 being disconnected so figure I will subscribe to 2020 a few months earlier than necessary. After subscribing, the same problem was still occurring so I finally called support.

After a few minutes describing the problem to the rep, he wanted to screen share on my computer. This was unsuccessful because I have a company computer and I can't do anything with the firewall settings. rather than try to help me without screen share, he insisted that this was the problem and that whatever was stopping him from sharing was same thing stopping the other parts of the software. I questioned this because I had been using the program for over 20 years and the last 20 of them on a company machine with last successful update being less than a week prior and asked if there was something else we could try. He simply did not want to try anything further and insisted the computer was the problem and pretty much terminated the call. So much for premium support I just paid for!

I am an active trader and also time bills closely like most people on here so I became a little panicked. I don't have any other computers in the house so I actually broke down and bought a $500 computer. Clean slate, firewall off, installed 2020 and it STILL did not work! Long story short, I finally managed to resolve the issue but it was a little crazy. Apparently, the 2017 installation had somehow corrupted and was carrying the problem forward in the data files until I reinstalled 2017, reapplied the last patches, suddenly saw there was a new patch (fishy) and then restored a backup from the day prior to the failure.

This is nuts. So at the insistence of this rep and his inability to help me troubleshoot beyond a screen share, I bought a new computer, ordered a new subscription 2 months before I had to and now out $500 bucks and 2 months of subscription. This has put me over the edge and I would probably go to another program at any cost at this point but I am now $595 dollars in to this bad deal. This guy told me "I guarantee if you install this on another computer, it will work".

I just needed to share this with others because it seems all to common these days they are blaming everything on firewalls and anti virus software. Everyone else's software works without touching a thing but not Intuit or Turbotax.


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    Tom G. said:
    … So much for premium support I just paid for!
    A comment about premium support, it doesn't get you in touch with smarter support personnel, just gets you to the front of the line with the rest of the premium support users.
    If your purchase was less than 30 days ago, get a refund and then purchase again at the end of April, 2020.  Be sure to shop around for the best $/month price.
    Then continue to use QW2017 until then, the files are compatible.

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    Hello Tom,

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