Application crashes when I perform backup

When I try to backup my data, the application crashes and a BugSplat crash report screen appears. The next time I open Quicken, I get "Correcting price history" popup and hangs. Requires me to kill the application and open it again. This problem has been going on for a while.


  • GeoffG
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    It sounds as if your data is corrupted, possibly irretrievably.  First step is to run a file validation. File>File Operations and be sure to check the Correct Price History option. Depending on what comes back, you may also want to run a Super Validate by holding Ctrl-Shift while performing the Validate.
    If the file is beyond repair, you will need to restore from a file before the issues appeared. Since this has been going on for "a while" the restore could go back many months. It's best not to let issues continue unaddressed.
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  • andsom
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    Thanks for you suggestions.
    I started the validation. My data file is 106MB so I assume it will take a while.
    Crossing my fingers.
  • don.benkeser
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    I run quicken and wait -- and then I get a bugsplat failure. I don't have to do anything. It dies fairly quickly. If I "skip" the automatic download of all my accounts, no error occurs.

    I have then validated and repaired the data file - in fact twice ... It works for a while, then the bugsplat appears again.

    What is going on?
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