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How can I download missing transactions from my TD Bank accounts into Quicken?

Wanting transactions in Quicken Deluxe to agree with bank statements. I first printed Quicken register for each account and crossed off the matching transaction on statements. That left me with the unmarked transactions in my statements to get into my Quicken accounts Not a problem until I realized my wife had many transactions I did not know about and were missing from quicken. Too many than I want to manually enter. How can I download online those transactions that are missing from Quicken from my bank? Any help would be appreciated. Barry


  • Ps56k2
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    Really depends upon how far back are those transactions -
    If you are using One Step Update on a timely basis , you should get all the transactions and keep the records up to date.  If you are entering manually, or downloading manually - why - then again, you have to perform these tasks in a timely manner.
    Anyway - it depends on the bank - and how far back you can see your transactions when you log direclty onto the bank website.  You could then manually download the date range that covers the missing transactions into a Quicken QFX file - and then Import that file into Quicken.... BUT - it totally depends on the bank, and if they still have the transactions listed, AND if they support manual downloading in Quicken QFX.
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