Zombie transaction?

Q. R24.14 on Windows 10
This is strange. On the account list pane (left of the register for the currently selected account) one of my checking accounts shows a envelope icon, indicating that there is a transaction to transmit. But in the actual transaction register for that account, there are no transactions with a status of 'send' ... all electronic payments are showing as 'sent'. If I right-click the envelope icon in the account list, it opens a drop-down with "You have 1 online bill payment to send". When this first showed up a couple of days ago, clicking on that brought up the "Online Center" with a transaction listed, and the option to cancel, but if I took that option, it told me it was too late (already processed). And the transaction in question showed as already cleared in the register. Today the envelope icon is still there, it still says I have 1 online bill payment to send, but clicking on it brings up the "online center" with no pending transactions of any kind. Still, when I close Q. it says "you have cancel instructions to send. You must remove them now or Quicken will remove them from the instructions to send list", with options of "send", "remove instructions" or "cancel". "Send" brings up the online center, with no transactions. "Remove instructions brings up another confirmation of "You have online payments to send. Do you want to send them before exiting". If I select 'yes' it again brings up the online center with no transactions t send. If I select 'no', it will finally exit, but nothing changes for the next time around.


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    Just as an update .... after running One step Update, the transaction I wrote about yesterday is no longer an 'issue', but it has been replaced by an online payment that was sent today. In the register the transaction shows as 'sent', but the envelope icon indicates there are transactions to send, and opening that, it lists the payment that was sent today.
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