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How to delete old Bill Reminders connected to pre-2018 Quicken BillPay

I installed Quicken 2018 and was surprised to find that my automatic payment Bill Reminders from the previous Quicken were still listed. I was told by Quicken support that I could just delete and re-add them. However, when I try to delete them, Quicken connects to the new (2019) QBP and nothing happens since they do not exist there. The entries remain is "Rept-Del" status and when I close Quicken I get message giving me the option to Send or Undo. Send, of course doesn't work again and Undo lets me get out or Quicken but when I re-execute they are still in the same status. The situation is now more complicated since I was able to re-add each one and they now appear in the new QBP list. I changed them all in the old QBP to "manual" so they won't go out any more and I won't have duplicate payments. They just remain duplicated in Quicken Bill Reminder list. If I try deleting the old ones now I fear the new ones will be the ones to be deleted.
I have found no way to sync Quicken with QBP since my data is intentionally not in the cloud.

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