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Importing Transactions

I am using Quicken for Mac Subscription on MacOS Catalina
I have downloaded past transactions from Regions Bank, but when I try to import them, it places them in a new account. I want them in my Checking account, but the program keeps creating a Checking2 account and placing them there.


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited February 2020
    There is a simple solution. Go the original Checking account register and select all transactions that are not already in the new Checking2 account. You can use Edit > Select All to select all transactions, or use the standard Mac shift-click to select a range. Drag and drop them into Checking2 in the sidebar. You can now delete account Checking and rename Checking2 as desired. Future imports will go into Checking2 (or whatever you rename it).

    You need to make sure you don't have any duplicate transactions that will screw up the balance. Also, be sure to make a backup of the file before you start in case anything gets messed up.
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  • revalanc
    revalanc Member
    Thank you, I will try that.
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