Validation and Reapir

Anyone know what this is all about. It appears every time I run Validate now:

[Wed Feb 19 17:39:31 2020]

File: "C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Quicken\QDATA"

Validating your data.
No errors.

No read errors.

All internal consistency checks passed.

[Wed Feb 19 17:39:40 2020]
Normal security references (up to 5000): 187 from 1 to 187
Abnormal references: 0 from 0 to 0

Transactions renumbered/highest/set to zero: 0/0/0
Recheck of highest after renumbering: 187
Renumbering complete.

Maximum security references after renumbering normal/moved: 187/187

See Q-Renumber.txt in QW.EXE directory for details.
Validation has completed.