Quicken Validation?? Securities.

I just update My Q2020 to version 25.10,  After opening the new version I validated the data file.  The validation report had what may be error or may not be.  Attached is a copy of that validation report with the information in question inside the yellow box.

Was this information "uncovered" by accident in the update, is it a new "feature" of the validation process, do I have and issue with my data file from the data file working with this new version, or is it OK.  I looked in the release notes and saw nothing that addressed this. 

I restored my data file to a new name from a (validated) backup from the previous version.  I validated the file and the report was like the one above.


  • q_lurker
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    i believe the release notes comment on security number / max referenced. I suspect that part of the report deals with that new validation feature. 
  • Snowman
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    To a point it did.  It gave the impression that this was always done in the background during validate.  If it is the intention to display this information it needs to be presented in a clearer fashion (Example:  "Abnormal References 0 from 0 to 0, does not really make sense) or it needs to not be displayed (as before) so that everyday users will not be alarmed when something like this pops up when it has never done so before.