Direct Connect: Account ID Change

My brokerage firm required me to change my Account ID (not password).

There are 7 accounts in Quicken 2017 that use the same ID to update. I updated the Account ID in Tools>Account List but am still unable to connect. There is no error message number; simply states that the financial institution rejected the request so I have to assume that Quicken is sending the wrong account information. Other Account IDs at the same institution (that weren't changed) are updating find so it's definitely on the Quicken end of things.

In Tools>Account>Online Services after updating the Account ID for all accounts I "reset" the accounts. There was a green check or circle indicating that it worked properly but I'm still unable to connect to the financial institution.

Per Community article, in Tools>Account>Online Services, I deactivated one of the accounts then attempted to reactivate it linking to the existing Quicken account. Now there are 8 accounts with errors when I attempt to update instead of 7. What is the appropriate method for updating the Account ID associated with 7 brokerage accounts (the password didn't change) so I can continue receiving updates via Direct Connect? And is there anyway to fix whatever I just did by deactivating

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