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Adding ability to easily upload receipts as Transaction Attachments

I'd like to see an easier way to import financial receipts. For example: When I make a purchase with my Debit or XXXXXX Club Credit Card a receipt will usually show in My iphone APP almost immediately. Or, if I purchase something at any number of stores they automatically email me a receipt. I'd like to be able to easily "attach' that into a transaction into my Quicken APP. Then it would automatically migrate to my Desktop upon syc. If you all use the CONCUR APP for company expenses its basically the same thing. On the iPhone you click the box with the arrow pointing up and it opens a window for your to add it to an app, email it, AirDrop it, or text it. How about you add the ability for the Quicken APP to take it into the app and be able to either make a transaction or select an existing one. I think this would be a neat upgrade for some of us who don't use paper anymore. Thanks--Love the progress you all are making to get this program to a level we have not seen before.
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