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Any major differences between 2019 and 2020?

Other than updating are there any major diffeneces in 2019 and 2020? Will there or is there a new download for the program or just and update. Is there a discount for members? Thanks Bruce

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  • So, there is really no reason to update at this time, my patch is the newest. Sometimes I wait to see if they are giving a better deal for the upgrade than buying the version.
  • NotACPA
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    Please do HELP, About Quicken and tell use what BUILD you find there ... and what's your "Valid Thru" date.
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  • splasher
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    Since 2018, it is just subscription Quicken, the year is pure marketing.  Having an active subscription gets you all updates to the software and all the online banking features.  It is an all inclusive price, not a fee in addition to the software purchase.
    It doesn't matter where you purchase Quicken from, Quicken.com or a retailer partner, it is all the same, the only difference is the $/month, so shop around for the best deal.
    Now and then, Quicken.com will make an offer that is pretty good that is only valid to first time subscription buyers, so there is a chance that Quicken.com may be a better deal that the retailers.
    If you purchase from Quicken.com, the subscription starts at the time of purchase; with a retail purchase, it starts when you activate the subscription.
    I advise that after your subscription is active, you login to Quicken.com and set your account preferences to "Auto Renew" to OFF, that way you have complete control over the price when you extend your subscription in the future since Quicken.com charges MSRP.
    If you already have an active subscription, purchasing either way will EXTEND the subscription, this just has to happen during the last 6 months of the current subscription. (Keeps you from buying lots of activation codes and immediately activating all of them, so that you end up with a subscription ending in 5 years or so) 
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